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We are a boutique labour hire company that prides itself on supplying quality over quantity. 
We look after our workers and reward those that go the extra mile for the company.

Elite Pay Rates

Our pay rates are well above the award rate for all our positions.

Worker Rewards

We reward our exceptional and long-term workers with increased pay, bonuses and benefits.

Reliable Payment

We pride ourselves on paying our employees on time, every week.

Fully Insured

Workers Compensation, Public Liability, Professional Indemnity. 


Our focus is always to maintain a high-level of quality, which means our clients are free to focus on what’s important – getting the job done. 


We require our labourers to have plenty of onsite experience, they need to be reliable and pride themselves on hard work.

Skilled Labourers

Skilled labourers must know their way around a site, have great tool knowledge and are capable of assisting carpenters.


Carpenters must have a minimum of 5 years onsite experience, as well as all the necessary tools.


If you would like to apply for work with LBR Force, please send your resume and two references to the following email. All applicants must have a White Card & PPE.

Sydney Wide

Sydney Wide


If you would like to continue the conversation with LBR Force, please get in contact via the following email or mobile.

Sydney Wide

Sydney Wide