Conditions of Hire


LBR Force will charge the hirer at the agreed rate. All rates are subject to change in line with CPI and award increases.

Special Allowances

Any site conditions or special requirements for a particular site are to be provided for or paid for by the hirer. All safety equipment is to be supplied by the hirer.

Supply of tools

LBR Force will supply labour only (in case of labourer), and labour with hand tools and general power tools (in case of carpenter). Any specialised tools required which are not available free of charge, will be charged at cost, or, supplied by the site

Safety & Supervision

The hirer must provide a safe work environment in accordance with relevant state legislation. This includes SWMS where applicable, site inductions for all new personnel and clear instructions for all requested tasks. It is the sole responsibility of the hirer to inspect and supervise the work being carried out by LBR Force personnel. LBR Force does not accept responsibility for any claims against work carried out under the supervision of the hirer.


All time sheets are to be approved by a representative of the hirer and thus, will automatically approve payment for such works to LBR Force, with no recourse for claims of mistakes. If online verification is not available, the foreman’s verbal telephone confirmation of the hours will be deemed as approval of the

Permanent Placements

The hirer shall contact LBR Force if they wish to take on any LBR Force supplied personnel to work directly or indirectly for their company within the period of 6 months of the cessation of hire of that person through LBR Force. The hirer hereby accepts that they will be liable for a placement fee equal to 100 hours of the charge out rate of that person.

Privilege of Privacy

Any information including our charge rates, personal details, and company information, is not to be disclosed to any other party. This information is solely the property of LBR


LBR Force will make every effort to supply the hirer with the best personnel available at the time, and in accordance with booking details. It is the responsibility of the hirer to pay overtime, site allowance and any penalty rates as per the award. We cannot accept responsibility for any loss of time, damage or delays caused by the personnel supplied by LBR Force while they are under the supervision of the

Payment Terms

Strictly 14 Days from net invoice date. Invoices are supplied weekly with accompanying timesheets authorised by your site supervisors. LBR Force employees are paid weekly, as such prompt payment by you is required.LBR Force reserves the right to charge interest at current overdraft rates on overdue